Panara Delta/Tigre

Fantastic day trip. I really like BA, but it was nice to get away from the city and its graffiti (which covers every wall in the city that isn’t a government building. And I mean every single wall) and get step off the grid. I guess it’s from growing up on a lake, but I like water. The Panara Delta was just what I needed, and I am going back. It’s 17 miles north (1 hour) from BA by train to The town of Tigre, where there’s the open air market del frutes, a great museum, pretty big garish blue casino, and an amusement park.



Then it was on the boat up into the Delta. Fantastic. Dark brown (muddy let’s presume) water flowed through marshes, past rowing clubs and houses. Had lunch at a restaurant over a bridge past 4 crazy (but friendly) dogs in the middle of nowhere. Will return for a night’s stay at a hotel there. loved it. Perfect.









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