Teatro Colon

Today was great. I was able to move beyond the fact that my friend told me last night at dinner that for the last 10 days I have been ordering “really fast cabs” instead of “a cab right away” when I showed him my script that I read every time I call a cab. Oops. So to attempt to make up to the social/cultural gods of karma, I took a guided tour of Teatro Colon, the Opera House. I believe I may have redeemed myself.



It was, in a word, stunning. My sweet funny guide told us she hoped we didn’t mind that the lights were down in the theatre, as rehearsals were going on, and that we could sit in instead and watch. (Are you kidding me?) Given that I have the attention span of a 6-year old child, watching 10-15 minutes of the rehearsal of ColonRing, world-premiering Nov. 26, was perfect. It was great to see everyone performing in jeans and t-shirts, and to listen to the Orchestra yell at each other.

Things I learned: Colon is one of 5 acoustically perfect opera houses in the world, aside from those in Berlin, Boston, Amsterdam and Vienna. The chandelier holds up to 17 singers or 12 musicians in case they need to replicate sounds from heaven (ok, points for style on that one). The closest boxes to the stage are for the Mayor of BA, and the President, not so they have the best seats (acoustically they are the worst) but so that everyone can see them, and they are part of the show. High-priced corrupt groupies, if you ask me.






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