Settling Into Work

After a couple of days here, I am settling in. Finally. For me it is *fantastic* to have structure, and a job to go to at the Buenos Aires bureau of Bloomberg, where I will be working for 2 weeks of my stay.

Buenos Aires Bureau

It keeps me sane and a little less isolated, I am meeting new people, and learning a lot, and seeing an area of town, Microcentro, the central business district (CBD). My co-worker Robin asked me if I wanted to grab a drink, and I told her that since she is one of 5 people I know (I know 5 people!) within 5,000 miles, that my schedule should permit it. Everyone is very nice, speaks English (!). I can tell my colleagues must like me somewhat, as they don’t speak in Spanish in front of me needlessly while pointing and laughing. heh. My complete and total lack of Spanish is a disadvantage, but it is what it is  I have mastered (somewhat) how to order cabs; the bureau chief  here taught me to do so, as hailing cabs from the street can be dangerous, as in the past he has known situations where a cabbie would pick up a fare, and subsequently his friends a few blocks later in order to rob the customer in the cab. No thanks. Crime here is something to be aware of, and I am trying to be cautious. Trust but verify, as Reagan would say. Speaking of which, am so glad to be away from the mainstream media and its coverage of the Presidential election.  UGH. Enough said.

It is VERY warm. In fact, as we were all sitting at work the power went out. it is 35 celsius (~100 F) and everything just went dark, given the blackouts rolling through the city. There are 1,500 traffic lights out, no subways or trains working, and I live 10 miles from here. Let’s hope I get a cab! Oy. Can’t stress about what I cannot control.


What say you? :)

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